Philip Stehlik

How I Coach

My coaching approach is grounded in Gestalt Therapy, integrated with insights from my personal experience working and collaborating with hundreds of people over the years.I am here to support you on your path to your personal truth and authentic expression - to greater choice and freedom. You can fully engage with me, confront what’s holding you back, and bring up fears, desires, or any blockages that come up in your process.I work holistically with you - touching relational, emotional, practical, and spiritual layers and include the body and mind.To book a session reach out via the form below.

Journey Back to Wholeness

In our work, we connect with the fundamental wholeness of YOU.Your mind, emotions, soul, heart, and body. Our sessions focus on unearthing the “problems” you face, whether they manifest as recurring pain points, persistent conflicts, or feelings of being stuck. We look at how you sabotage yourself, carry old wounds, or live out unresolved trauma. We create a space of safety and trust so you can confront yourself in the areas where you want to experience changes. Whether it's feeling diminished or diminishing others, enduring ongoing conflicts, or avoiding contact due to its challenges, our sessions aim to address these issues head-on.Your challenges often point to avoidance strategies you developed in your earlier years. These might have worked well for a while - but disconnect you from who you really are today.

Your Inner Authority

In your work environment, intimate relationships, or community it's easy to fall back into old patterns or societal programming that don't serve you anymore. We’ll look at precisely these points so you can realign with your inner authority and empower yourself to express, create, and love in ways that are authentic to you and your unique path. This alignment supports your self-healing and is where true beauty and fulfillment lie.

Practicalities of Our Sessions

Our sessions are most effective when you bring a specific topic or theme to explore. If you can’t name or identify the details of the topic yet, we begin there and find out where that leads us.Each session lasts 60 minutes and will be a unique journey based on what is showing up. There is no “script” to a session - we might be quiet and reflect or be loud and expressive. The format may include movement, laughter, tears, conversation, anger, frustration, dancing, sounding, silence, or whatever else might serve our process.We will have direct contact with each other and the topic you want to work on and focus on experiencing instead of "talking about" things.

Who I Work With

I work with anyone ready to examine and take action toward inner alignment, truth, and freedom of expression.
My personal experience and history as founder, entrepreneur, creative, facilitator, and community-builder can support people with similar backgrounds.
I also have first-hand lived experience with alternative relationship structures and as part of communities embracing non-normative gender expressions, sexual orientations and diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

Preparation and Logistics

For in-person sessions, I will confirm the location with you beforehand.
For online sessions, I will send you a Zoom link ahead of our session. Please ensure you have a quiet space with privacy, a stable internet connection, and proper video/sound. If you can, have some free time post-session to integrate the experience.
For individuals, I offer sessions depending on your financial abilities. I do this to support different income groups to work with me. I rely on your integrity to choose the appropriate session price before we have our first session. If this is a challenging concept for you, I invite you to send me a message so we can discuss.
For corporates, startups, or investment funds, I offer bespoke agreements for compensation in cash, equity, or carry. Corporate engagements usually go through Earth where we support impact-oriented founders - let's talk!If you have any other questions, send me a message.I’m very much looking forward to working with you!

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